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HUI\\'AN (HELP ·INFO ) (Chinese : 惠安; pinyin : Huì'ān; Pe̍h-ōe-jī
: Hūi-oaⁿ) is a county under the jurisdiction of the prefecture-level city of Quanzhou
, Fujian , People\'s Republic of China
. It is situated in the middle of the Fujian coast, between Quanzhou
and Meizhou Bay . The county has a population of 921,794, as of late 2003, with a non-agricultural population of 289,396 people. The dialect is Hui\'an dialect , related to Hokkien .


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The county is divided into fifteen towns and one ethnic township . The only township in the county is Baiqi Hui Ethnic Township .


* Luocheng (zh) (螺城镇), the county seat (the location marked on most maps as "Hui'an") * Luòyáng (洛阳镇), * Chongwu (崇武镇), * Dongyuan (东园镇), * Zhangban (张坂镇), * Dongling (东岭镇), * Wangchuan (辋川镇), * Tuzhai (涂寨镇), * Luóyáng (螺阳镇), * Huangtang (黄塘镇), * Shanxia (山霞镇), * Jingfeng (净峰镇), * Dongqiao (东桥镇), * Zishan (紫山镇), * Xiaozuo (小岞镇)


Although apparently new, these houses inside Chongwu's city wall have been built in Hui'an's traditional style, using long narrow granite blocks for both the walls and the roof.

Hui'an people have long been engaged in quarrying local granite and using it for construction purposes. Traditional houses and other structures in the region are constructed from long narrow blocks of granite.

These days, Hui'an's stone workers have built on their experience by becoming manufacturers of stone statuary for China's temples, public places, businesses, and private residences. These days, 25 km long-road (Huichong Highway) between the Hui'an County seat and Chongwu Town is practically lined up with production plants and showrooms of stone-working companies, statues of all kinds displayed in front of them.

Footwear manufacturing is developed in a number of towns in the western part of the county, closer to Quanzhou.

Dali Foods Group has its headquarters in Hui'an County.


Hui'an stone workers produce a variety of statuary for the national market

The Hui\'an Railway Station , on the Fuzhou-Xiamen Railway , is located about 8 km northwest of Hui'an's county seat, and is connected to it by a good new road (with a mile-long tunnel), with frequent local bus service. Although a lot fewer trains stop at Hui'an than at major stations such as Quanzhou
, there is a train in each direction every hour or two during the day. There is no night service.

The freight-only Zhangping–Quanzhou–Xiaocuo Railway runs south of the county seat.


* ^ "Company Overview of Fujian Dali Foods Group Co., Ltd." Businessweek
. Retrieved on March 1, 2014. "Linkou Hui'an County Quanzhou, 362100 China
" * ^ "联系我们." Dali Group . Retrieved on March 1, 2014. "福建达利食品集团有限公司 地址:中国福建省惠安林口"

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