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Huancui (simplified Chinese: 环翠; traditional Chinese: 環翠; pinyin: Huáncuì) is a county-level district in Weihai, Shandong province, in eastern China. External links[edit]

(in Chinese) Weihai Huancui Government website

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County-level divisions of Shandong Province

Jinan (capital)

Sub-provincial cities


Shizhong District Lixia District Tianqiao District Huaiyin District Licheng District Changqing District Zhangqiu District Pingyin County Jiyang County Shanghe County


Shinan District Shibei District Licang District Laoshan District Chengyang District Huangdao District Jimo District Jiaozhou City Pingdu City Laixi City

Prefecture-level cities


Zhangdian District Linzi District Zichuan District Boshan District Zhoucun District Huantai County Gaoqing County Yiyuan County


Shizhong District Shanting District Yicheng District Tai'erzhuang District Xuecheng District Tengzhou City


Dongying District Hekou District Kenli District Guangrao County Lijin County


Zhifu District Muping District Fushan District Laishan District Longkou City Haiyang City Laiyang City Laizhou City Penglai City Zhaoyuan City Qixia City Changdao County


Weicheng District Hanting District Fangzi District Kuiwen District Anqiu City Changyi City Gaomi City Qingzhou City Zhucheng City Shouguang City Linqu County Changle County


Rencheng District Yanzhou District Qufu City Zoucheng City Weishan County Yutai County Jinxiang County Jiaxiang County Wenshang County Sishui County Liangshan County


Taishan District Daiyue District Xintai City Feicheng City Ningyang County Dongping County


Huancui District Wendeng District Rongcheng City Rushan City


Donggang District Lanshan District Wulian County Ju County


Laicheng District Gangcheng District


Lanshan District Luozhuang District Hedong District Tancheng County Lanling County Junan County Yishui County Mengyin County Pingyi County Fei County Yinan County Linshu County


Decheng District Lingcheng District Laoling City Yucheng City Pingyuan County Xiajin County Wucheng County Qihe County Linyi County Ningjin County Qingyun County


Dongchangfu District Linqing City Yanggu County Shen County Chiping County Dong'e County Guan County Gaotang County


Bincheng District Zhanhua District Zouping County Boxing County Huimin County Yangxin County Wudi County


Mudan District Dingtao District Cao County Chengwu County Shan County Juye County Yuncheng County Juancheng County Dongming County

Coordinates: 37°23′00″N 122°07′12″E / 37.38333°N 122.12000°E / 37.38333; 122.12000

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