Hrant Bagratyan (Armenian: Հրանտ Արարատի Բագրատյան; born 18 October 1958) is an Armenian politician.

He was the Prime Minister of Armenia from 2 February 1993 until 4 November 1996, and a former member of the Pan-Armenian National Movement political party. He has PhD in Economics, author of more than 52 scientific articles and 7 books. In "The Society and the State" (Moscow, Izograph, 2000) he developed the theory of scientific technical cycles. Based on that he predicted regular centralisation and decentralisation of the management of the society. Particularly he predicted the centralisation of the management of the economy by 2010. Founder of a new direction in Economics: global macroeconomics or geoeconomics.


  • 1965-1975 studied at No. 49 school
  • 1975–1979 Yerevan State University, further-Institute of National Economy of Armenia.
  • 1976-1978 Institute of National Economy of Armenia. Faculty of public law. Lawyer.
  • 1983–1986 Post Graduate study at the Institute of Economy of Armenian Academy of Sciences.
  • 1987 Defended theses on the theme “Material Stimulation of branch SRI (Scientific-Research Institute) and DD (Design Department).

Professional career

  • 1979 Engineer in "Armelectromash" Yerevan.
  • 1979–1981 Military Service Moscow.
  • 1981–1983 Deputy Director at "Soyuzkhimreactiv" Yerevan.
  • 1983–1986 Post Graduate Student at the Institute of Economy of Armenian Academy of Sciences.
  • 1987–1989 Senior scientific worker at the Institute of Economy of Armenian Academy of Sciences.
  • 1989–1990 Head of Division at the Institute of Economy of Armenian Academy of Sciences.
  • 1990–1991 Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia, First Deputy of the Prime-Minister of Armenia.
  • 1991–1991 Acting Prime Minister of Armenia.
  • 1991–1993 Minister of Economy, Vice-Prime Minister of Armenia.
  • 1993–1996 Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia.
  • 1996–1997 Consultant of the International Monetary Fund, energy expert.
  • 1998–2006 Vice-President of the Board, Director of HR and Grape Purchase of Yerevan Brandy Company (Group Pernod Ricard).
  • 2006–2007 VTB Armenia Bank, consultant.
  • 2007–2009 Russian-Armenian University, professor (Yerevan, Armenia), Kiev International University (Kiev, Ukraine), professor at the University of Banking affairs of National Bank of Ukraine.

As Prime Minister of Armenia Hrant Bagratyan had a key role in the organization of successful military defence of Nagorno Karabagh in the war with Azerbaijan in 1993–1994. Thanks to this on May 12, a cease-fire was proclaimed and has largely held since.


Hrant Bagratyan is the author of 61 scientific articles and 9 monographs. He is the founder of the new term "megaeconomics" and the theory behind this term. He considers megaeconomics as his greatest scientific achievement. According to the developments in the economic theory and its flexibility being dependent on changing circumstances and changing world, Bagratyan argues, that along with microeconomics and macroeconomics, there must also be a place for "megaeconomics", where economies are confronted in another, more global dimension. Megaeconomics should be considered as an instrument of finding stable equilibrium points for all the economies considered as one whole, in terms of interactions and influences on one another, in the globalizing world of the 21st century. In that case, goals and challenges are changing and that's the point where megaeconomics comes.

Summary of qualifications

  • the problems of labor motivation, HR management, health and life insurance;
  • land privatization;
  • public and administrative reforms in the emerging markets;
  • structural reforms in the energy sector of post soviet countries;
  • privatization of industrial enterprises;
  • liberalization of prices and trade
  • economic civilization;
  • scientific-technical progress;
  • global macroeconomics;
  • author of the theory of mega-economics.

Leader of the Armenian economic reforms end of the 20th century, defined by World Bank as one of the best among former Soviet Union republics and countries of Eastern Europe.


77 published works including 17 monographs

  1. Monograph Material Stimulation of scientific-technical progress in Production, Yerevan, pub. House, Academy of Science ASR, 1989 (in Russian), 10.7 quires, Printed.
  2. Monograph Payments Arrears in the Gas and Electric Power Sectors of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, IMF, 1997, Washington (in English), 1.5 quires, Printed.
  3. Monograph State and Society, Moscow, Izograf 2000 (in Russian), 23 quires, Printed.
  4. Monograph Land Reform: Issues of Theory and Practice, 30 quires, Printed.
  5. Monograph Armenia on a Frontier of Centuries, Yerevan, Nairi, 2003 (in Armenian), Printed.
  6. Monograph Integration of Ukraine and Russia in to European labor space, Kiev, UBS NBU, 2010 (in Ukrainian), printed.


  • 1995 “The men of the year” of ABI (American Biography Institute).
  • 1996 “The men of the millennium” of ABI (American Biography Institute).
  • 1997 Recognized PhD candidate by International Monetary Fund, Washington D.C.
  • 2006 By the independent journalists recognized as the best economic public man of Armenia during the whole period of the independency of the country in 1991-2006.
  • 2005 Received PhD in Economics by Higher Attestation Committee of the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation, Moscow.
  • 2010 Received PhD in Economics by Higher Attestation Committee of Ukraine, Kiev

Musical activity

Before starting his career at the Government of Armenia, Hrant Bagratyan worked at theater orchestra at the Theater after H. Paronyan, playing blues on acoustic guitar. Despite this, having no musical education, Hrant Bagratyan has authored over 15 works and plans to release an album. According to him, human life is enough to be professional at least in two spheres.


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