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How I Killed My Father
How I Killed My Father
(French: Comment j'ai tué mon père) is a 2001 French thriller-drama film directed by Anne Fontaine.


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Plot[edit] Jean-Luc (Charles Berling), an established gerontologist, considers his father Maurice dead. He lost him, when he left his wife and children to work as a physician in Africa. Suddenly the father appears again. Maurice (Michel Bouquet) is bankrupt and moves into his son's home for several days. He annoys Jean-Luc with compliments that sound like accusations. Or is it Jean-Luc that always hears irony? His wife likes the senior immediately, and even Jean-Luc's younger brother accepts him. Jean-Luc would like to kill his father but... Cast[edit]

Charles Berling
Charles Berling
as Jean-Luc Michel Bouquet
Michel Bouquet
as Maurice Natacha Régnier
Natacha Régnier
as Isa Stéphane Guillon as Patrick Amira Casar
Amira Casar
as Myriem Hubert Koundé as Jean-Toussaint Karole Rocher
Karole Rocher
as Laetitia François Berléand
François Berléand
as The patient


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How I Killed My Father
How I Killed My Father
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