The Rivers State Housing and Property Development Authority (RSHPDA) is a government agency that has the task of preservation and delivery of affordable housing in
Rivers State Rivers State (Igbo: ''Ȯra Rivers''), also known simply as Rivers, is a state in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Formed in 1967, when it split from the former Eastern Region, Rivers State borders Imo, Abia and Anambra States to the north, Akwa ...
. It was established under the Housing and Property Development Authority Law No.14 of 1985. Its main goal is to reduce homelessness. It also manages all government-owned housing estates. As of December 2013, the agency's General Manager and Chief Executive Officer is Iyerefa Cookey-Gam.

Organizational structure

The RSHPDA is governed by a board of directors who are charged with policy, control and management of the Authority. This includes the General Manager, Secretary to the Authority and Internal Auditor.

Departments and units

There are five departments under the RSHPDA: *Administrative Department *Estate Department *Projects Department *Research & Planning *Accounts Department *Legal Unit *Audit Unit

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