House of Delegates (disambiguation)


House of Delegates may refer to:


Maryland House of Delegates The Maryland House of Delegates is the lower house of the Maryland General Assembly, legislature of the State of Maryland. It consists of 141 delegates elected from 47 districts. The House of Delegates Chamber is in the Maryland State House o ...

Maryland House of Delegates
House of Delegates of Palau Palau has a bicameral legislature A legislature is a deliberative assembly with the authority In the fields of sociology Sociology is the study of society, human social behaviour, patterns of social relationships, social interaction, ...
Virginia House of Delegates The Virginia House of Delegates is one of the two parts of the Virginia General Assembly The Virginia General Assembly is the legislative body A legislature is an assembly Assembly may refer to: Organisations and meetings * Deliberativ ...
West Virginia House of Delegates The West Virginia West Virginia () is a U.S. state, state in the Appalachian region, Appalachian, Mid-Atlantic (United States), Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States, Southeastern regions of the United States.The United States Cens ...


* House of Delegates (South Africa), the legislative chamber for the Indian population of South Africa from 1984 to 1994 *
Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico The Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico ( es, Asamblea Legislativa de Puerto Rico) is the territorial legislature of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Puerto Rico ('; abbreviated PR, tnq, Boriken, Borinquen), officially the Commonwealth o ...
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