The Info List - Hosuk Lee-Makiyama

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HOSUK LEE-MAKIYAMA is a Brussels-based economist, trade lawyer and foreign policy commentator. He has written on subjects primarily relating to international trade, digital economy, intellectual property, World Trade Organization
World Trade Organization
and EU-Asia relations, especially with China
, Japan
and Korea

Lee-Makiyama has publicly supported EU's attempt to conclude bilateral free trade agreements with large trading blocs, and with economies in Asia . He is also renowned as an authority on electronic commerce, and was the first author to question the legality of internet censorship under WTO
rules, and so far the only scholar to have argued the case in a Chinese academic journal. Lee-Makiyama was nominated by the readers of The Guardian
The Guardian
as 'one of the 20 most influential people in the open internet's history'. He has also proposed a new trade agreement, International Digital Economy Agreement (IDEA), to replace the WTO
IT Agreement (proposed by the European Commission to the WTO
members in 2012).

He is currently active as director of the European Centre for International Political Economy ( ECIPE ). In the past, he also served as a diplomat in the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and represented the EU in the WTO
and the UN.

He regularly comments in European, US and Chinese media.


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