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Hong Il-chon (Korean: 홍일천, born 1942) was the first wife of Kim Jong-il. She was the daughter of the martyr who died during the Korean War. In the early 1960s, Kim Il-sung, father of Kim Jong-il, introduced her to his son and handpicked her to marry him in 1966. Her only daughter is named Kim Hye-gyong, born in 1968, and is the first child of Kim Jong-il.[1][2][3] They divorced in 1969. Hong Il-chon held a degree in Russian Literature from Kim Il-sung University. After the divorce, she was still active in politics and educational affairs. She became one of the members of the Supreme People's Assembly during the period between 1977 and 1991. After she withdrew from the Assembly, she was appointed as principal of Kim Hyong Jik University of Education in September 1991. She retired from that post in July 2012 at the age of 70.[4] References[edit]

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Kim dynasty of North Korea

Kim Il-sung
Kim Il-sung
(1912–1994) Kim Jong-il
Kim Jong-il
(1941–2011) Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un

1st generation

Kim Hyong-jik
Kim Hyong-jik
(Kim Il-sung's father) Kang Pan-sok
Kang Pan-sok
(Kim Il-sung's mother)

2nd generation

Kim Jong-suk
Kim Jong-suk
(Kim Il-sung's first wife, Jong-il's mother) Kim Yong-ju (Kim Il-sung's brother) Kim Song-ae (Kim Il-sung's second wife)

3rd generation

Hong Il-chon (Kim Jong-il's first wife, divorced) Song Hye-rim (Kim Jong-il's first mistress) Kim Man-il (Kim Jong-il's brother) Jang Song-thaek
Jang Song-thaek
(Kim Jong-il's brother-in-law) Kim Kyong-hui
Kim Kyong-hui
(Kim Jong-il's sister) Kim Young-sook (Kim Jong-il's wife) Ko Yong-hui
Ko Yong-hui
(Kim Jong-il's second mistress, Jong-un's mother) Kim Pyong-il
Kim Pyong-il
(Kim Jong-il's half-brother) Kim Ok
Kim Ok
(Kim Jong-il's third mistress)

4th generation

Kim Yo-jong
Kim Yo-jong
(Kim Jong-un's sister) Kim Jong-chul (Kim Jong-un's brother) Kim Sul-song (Kim Jong-un's half-sister) Kim Jong-nam
Kim Jong-nam
(Kim Jong-un's half-brother) Ri Sol-ju (Kim Jong-un's wife)

5th generation

Kim Ju-ae (Kim Jong-un's daughter) Kim Han-sol (Kim Jong-nam's son)

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