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HOLLAND\'S PIES is a manufacturer of pies and puddings based in Baxenden , near Accrington
in Lancashire , England
. Owned by 2 Sisters Food Group , the company also produces pasties and sausage rolls .


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Holland's was founded by John Whittaker in 1851 as a confectioners shop in Haslingden
, Lancashire . Walter Holland bought the business in 1890, and moved to a much larger bakery in 1907, from where pies were delivered locally by horse and cart . The first of Holland’s famous brightly painted vans appeared in 1927, and by 1938 there was a fleet of 20 vans making regular deliveries around the North West. Cake production ended at the bakery due to sugar-rationing during World War II , and meat pies became more popular.

After the war, in 1946, the decision was taken to sell the company to R.Gummer Ltd., a provisions firm of London and Liverpool
. Holland’s was bought out by Pork Farms in 1972, who in turn were bought by Northern Foods in 1979. Holland's thus became part of one of the UK’s major food manufacturing groups.

Remaining part of the Northern Foods portfolio following the sale of Pork Farms to Vision Capital in 2007, Holland's pies and puddings are sold at 85% of chip shops in North West England


These are the products currently manufactured by Holland's:


* Just steak * Steak and kidney * Potato and meat * Meat (beef and pork ) * Cheese and onion * Chicken and mushroom * Lancashire Hotpot * Pork * Chicken tikka
Chicken tikka
* Peppered steak * Steak and Guinness * Beef and onion * Chicken and ham * Potato, cheese and onion * Chicken balti


* Cornish pasty
Cornish pasty
* Cheese and Onion * Beef and