, abbreviated as is a private university in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan. The university is locally nicknamed ''Hokudai'', though typically the term is used nationwide to refer to Hokkaido University.


Founded in 1975, it was founded as a single-department college with the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The Faculty of Foreign Languages and the Faculty of Law were established in 1987 and 1992, respectively. The School of Future Learning was established in 2004, making it the newest. At the end of March 2005, Hokuriku University owned 4.44% of the outstanding stock in FM Tokyo.

Academic organization


Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

**Department of Legal Studies I: students study business management and law. **Department of Communication Studies I: students study foreign languages (English and Chinese).


an on-demand video system for viewing and reviewing recorded lectures. Students can access RVES from any internet-connected computer.
a trilingual podcast in English, Chinese, and Japanese; includes interviews, music (in Japanese, English, and Chinese), language learning segments, and an English 'Word for Today'; created by HU students and faculty. Also available o

the Hokuriku University gymnasium. It has a swimming pool, weight lifting room, sauna, and aerobics area.

coordinates the many exchange programs HU has with other schools (in Australia, England, the US and others), including a program where HU students can stud

in China (link is in Japanese). The IEC also coordinate

for foreign students (link is in English).

Sister/friendship institutions


*Kanazawa Medical University

South Korea

*Kyung Hee University *Kyungnam University *Daejeon University *Dongguk University *Sangmyung University


*Beijing University *Beijing University of Chinese Medicine *Beijing Language and Culture University *Shanghai International Studies University *Tianjin Foreign Studies University *Shenyang Pharmaceutical University *Liaoning Normal University *Dalian University of Foreign Languages *Soochow University *Nanjing University *Southeast University *Nanjing Arts Institute *Nanjing University of Finance and Economics *Xuzhou Normal University *Nanjing Agricultural University *Heilongjiang University *Yanbian University *Northeast Normal University *Zhenjiang Medical College *Dalian University


*Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman


*Mongolian University of the Humanities *Mongolian Knowledge University *Soyombo Management Institute *Mandakh Institute of Accountancy


*Chinese Culture University *Tamkang University *Chienkuo University of Technology

Russian Federation

*Far Eastern Federal University *Irkutsk State University *Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law *Krasnojarsk University


*University of Trier

United Kingdom

*London Metropolitan University *Bath Spa University


*Autonomous University of Madrid

United States

*University of California, Riverside *Ohio University *Georgetown University *US Naval Academy *University at Buffalo, The State University of New York *University of Georgia *Hawaii Pacific University

New Zealand

*Waikato University *Massey University


*University of Wollongong *Flinders University *University of Melbourne

Notable faculty

*Takao Abe: a former professor of the Faculty of Law and the current mayor of Kawasaki, Kanagawa

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