Al-Hindiya or Hindiya (Arabic: الهندية‎) is a city in Iraq on the Euphrates River. Al-Hindiya is located in the Kerbala Governorate and is the seat of Al-Hindiya District. The city used to be known as Tuwairij (Arabic: طويريج‎), which gives name to the "Tuwairij run" (Arabic: ركضة طويريج‎) that takes place here every year as part of the Mourning of Muharram on the Day of Ashura.[1] It has 84,100 citizens.


The city was founded in 1793 AD by "Yahya Asif Al-Dawla Bahadur Al-Hindi" (يحيى آصف الدولة بهادر الهندي), who was a vizier of Bahadur Shah Zafar. The vizier funded digging a canal on the Euphrates to provide drinkable water for the region.[2]

Notable People

Nouri al Maliki went to school there in his younger days.