High may refer to:

People with the name

* High (surname)

Science, technology and economics

* Height * High (atmospheric), a high-pressure area * High (computability), a quality of a Turing degree, in computability theory * High (technical analysis), or top, an event in market-price fluctuations of a security * High (tectonics), in geology an area where relative tectonic uplift took or takes place * Substance intoxication, also known by the slang description "being high" * Sugar high, a misconception about the supposed psychological effects of sucrose

Arts, entertainment, and media


Groups and labels

* The High, British rock band


* ''High'' (Flotsam and Jetsam album) * ''High'' (New Model Army album) * ''High'' (The Blue Nile album)


* "High" (David Hallyday song) * "High" (Feeder song) * "High" (James Blunt song) * "High" (Knut Anders Sørum song) * "High" (Lighthouse Family song) * "High" (Peking Duk song) * "High" (Sir Sly song) * "High" (The Cure song) * "High" (Young Rising Sons song) * "High", by Britney Spears from ''Glory'' * "High", by Stabbing Westward from the eponymous album

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media

* High (comics), a fictional character in the Wildstorm universe * ''High'' (film), a 1967 Canadian film * ''High'' (play), a 2011 play by Matthew Lombardo

Other uses

* High, Just-As-High, and Third, in Norse mythology, three figures in the ''Prose Edda'' * Secondary school or ''high school'', frequently referred to as either "junior high" or "senior high"

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