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The High Commissioner for Palestine was the highest ranking authority representing the United Kingdom
United Kingdom
in the mandated territories of Palestine and Transjordan under the British Mandate for Palestine. In 1928, a separate post of High Commissioner for Trans-Jordan, the holder of which was responsible for overseeing Transjordan, was created; however, this post was always held simultaneously by the High Commissioner for Palestine. They were based in Jerusalem. The office commenced on 1 July 1920, before the commencement of the Mandate on 29 September 1923, and replaced the British military occupation under the Occupied Enemy Territory Administration, which had operated in Palestine in 1917–1918. The office ceased with the expiration of the Mandate on 15 May 1948. List of High Commissioners for Palestine and High Commissioners for Trans-Jordan[edit]

Name Term start Term end

Herbert Louis Samuel 1 July 1920 30 June 1925

Field Marshal Lord Plumer 25 August 1925 31 July 1928

Harry Charles Luke (acting) 31 July 1928 6 December 1928

John Chancellor 6 December 1928 1 November 1931

Mark Aitchison Young (acting) 1 November 1931 20 November 1931

Arthur Grenfell Wauchope 20 November 1931 1 March 1938

William Denis Battershill (acting for Wauchope) September 1937 24 November 1937

Harold MacMichael 3 March 1938 30 August 1944

Field Marshal The Viscount Gort 1 November 1944 5 November 1945

Alan Cunningham 21 November 1945 14 May 1948

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Report to the League of Nations on the Administration of Palestine and Trans-Jordan for the year 1928 World Statesmen - Israel Agreement between his Britannic Majesty and His Highness the Amir of Trans-Jordan, February 1928 Article 1, "His Highness the Amir agrees that His Britannic Majesty shall be represented in Trans-Jordan by a British Resident acting on behalf of the High Commissioner for Trans-Jordan."

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