Herta may refer to the following:

Given name

* Herta Anitaș (born 1967) Romanian rower and Olympic medalist * Herta Bothe (born 1921), German guard at Nazi concentration camps * Herta Däubler-Gmelin (born 1943), German politician, German Minister of Justice * Herta Ehlert (1905–1997), German guard at many Nazi concentration camps * Herta Elviste (1923-2016), Estonian actress * Herta Feely (born ????), German-American editor, and child safety activist * Herta Freitag (1908–2000), Austrian-born American mathematician and professor * Herta Groves, British hat designer * Herta Haas (1914–2010), Yugoslav Partisan during World War II and second wife of Josip Broz Tito * Herta Hafner, Italian luger * Herta Herzog (1910–2010), Austrian-born American social scientist specializing in communication studies * Herta Heuwer (1913–1999), German inventor of the take-out dish currywurst * Herta Huber (born 1926), German writer and poet * Herta Laipaik (1921–2008), Estonian writer * Herta Müller (born 1953), Romanian-born German novelist, poet, essayist and recipient of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Literature * Herta Oberheuser (1911–1978), German physician at the Ravensbrück concentration camp * Herta Ratzenhofer (born 1921), Austrian pair skater and Olympic competitor * Herta Ware (1917–2005), American actress and political activist * Herta Wunder (1913–1992), German freestyle swimmer and Olympic competitor


* Bryan Herta (born 1970), American race car driver * Colton Herta (born 2000), American race car driver, son of Bryan Herta * Teodor Herţa, Bessarabian politician


* Herta, Iran, a village in Kermanshah Province, Iran * Herța River, a tributary of the Prut River in Romania * Hertsa (Romanian: ''Herţa''), a city located in Chernivtsi Oblast in western Ukraine * Hertza region, a former Moldavian/Romanian region (now in Ukraine), occupied in 1940 by the Soviet Union, as a result of Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact

Other uses

* Herta Foods, brand of pre-cooked Frankfurters, owned by Nestlé * "Herta", a type of drum rudiment

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