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Here Comes the Nelsons is a 1952 American comedy film starring real-life husband and wife Ozzie and Harriet Nelson
Harriet Nelson
and their sons David and Ricky Nelson. The supporting cast includes Rock Hudson, Sheldon Leonard, Jim Backus, Gale Gordon, and Chubby Johnson. The film was directed by Frederick de Cordova. Here Come the Nelsons
Here Come the Nelsons
doubled as the pilot for the television series The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Cast[edit]

The Nelsons in 1952

Ozzie Nelson
Ozzie Nelson
as Ozzie Nelson Harriet Nelson
Harriet Nelson
as Harriet Nelson David Nelson as David Nelson Ricky Nelson
Ricky Nelson
as Ricky Nelson Rock Hudson
Rock Hudson
as Charles E. "Charlie" Jones Barbara Lawrence
Barbara Lawrence
as Barbara Schutzendorf Sheldon Leonard
Sheldon Leonard
as Duke Jim Backus
Jim Backus
as Joe Randolph Paul Harvey as Samuel T. Jones Gale Gordon
Gale Gordon
as H.J. Bellows Ann Doran
Ann Doran
as Clara Randolph Chubby Johnson
Chubby Johnson
as Tex, Man at Fair Edwin Max as Monk

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Here Come the Nelsons
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