Henry Roughton Hogg


Henry Roughton Hogg (9 February 1846 – 30 November 1923) was a British amateur
arachnologist Arachnology is the science, scientific study of spiders and related animals such as scorpions, Pseudoscorpionida, pseudoscorpions, and Opiliones, harvestmen, collectively called arachnids. Those who study spiders and other arachnids are arachnol ...
. Born in Stockwell, Surrey, he attended Uppingham School from 1859-1862, and later studied at Christ's College, Cambridge, where he obtained his BA in 1868 and his MA in 1873. He settled in Australia in 1873 and took up business in Melbourne. He married in 1881, and in 1900 returned to England and settled in the London district of Kensington. Hogg was a specialist of the spiders of Australia and New Zealand. He was a fellow and honorary treasurer of the Royal Society of Victoria, as well as a fellow of both the Zoological Society of London, Zoological and Botanical Society of London, Botanical Societies of London. He bequeathed his collections to the Natural History Museum of London. The genus ''Hoggicosa'' is named for the author.


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