The Info List - Henri De Turenne (writer)

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HENRI DE TURENNE (19 November 1921 – 23 August 2016) is a French journalist and screenwriter. He was born in Tours
. The son of Armand de Turenne , a World War I
World War I
flying ace , he was raised in Germany and French Algeria
French Algeria
, both countries becoming central creative themes in his adult work. After the Second World War
Second World War
, de Turenne worked as a journalist for Agence France-Presse
Agence France-Presse
, Le Figaro
Le Figaro
, France Soir
France Soir
, and ORTF , reporting from Allied-occupied Germany
Allied-occupied Germany
, covering the Korean War and the Algerian War
Algerian War
, and, in 1952, winning the Prix Albert Londres . Since the mid-1960s, he worked primarily in television, notably on the French Grandes Batailles series for Pathé
, making over a hundred documentaries. He won an Emmy in 1982 for a documentary on the Vietnam War
Vietnam War
. His fictional works include Les Alsaciens ou les deux Mathilde (1996), made for Arte
, for which he shared a 7 d\'Or with Michel Deutsch .


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* Les Grandes Batailles (series: 1967–1975) * Les évasions célèbres (1972) * Les Grandes Batailles du Passé (series: 1973–1977) * Le Loup blanc