Hengdian Group (), abbreviated as HG, is a Chinese private conglomerate founded by Xu Wenrong in 1975 in Hengdian, Zhejiang. It focuses on the fields of electrical and electronic, pharmaceutical and chemical, film and entertainment. Since 1996, Hengdian Group has operated Hengdian World Studios.


In 1975, Xu Wenrong set up Hengdian Reeling Silk Factory, which was the predecessor of Hengdian Group. In the 1990s, it expanded into high-tech sectors such as hard magnets, soft magnets, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. In 2004, Hengdian Group, Warner Bros. and China Film Group Corporation established the Warner China Film HG, which is a joint venture. In 2008, it established the Zhejiang Hengdian Film Production Company. In August 2019, Nanhua Futures, a subsidiary of Hengdian Group, was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.


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