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The Helsinki Committees for Human Rights exist in many European countries (the OSCE region) as volunteer, non-profit organizations devoted to human rights and presumably named after the Helsinki Accords. Formerly organized into the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights based in Vienna. The Helsinki Committees began as Helsinki Watch groups. The first one was founded in the Soviet Union
Soviet Union
in 1976, the second in 1977 in Czechoslovakia, the third in 1979 in Poland, etc. In 1982, representatives of several of these committees held an International Citizens Helsinki Watch Conference and founded the IHF. In 1992, a British Helsinki Human Rights Group was established in the UK, but this group has always been completely independent of the International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights. The UK's official representative in the IHF is the British Helsinki Subcommittee of the Parliamentary Human Rights Group, established in 1976. Country organizations[edit] • Switzerland: Swiss Helsinki Committee for democracy, Rule of law and Human Rights

Belarus: Belarus Helsinki Committee Bulgaria: Bulgarian Helsinki Committee Croatia: Croatian Helsinki Committee Czech Republic: Czech Helsinki Committee Hungary: Hungarian Helsinki Committee Lithuania: Lithuanian Helsinki Group Norway: Norwegian Helsinki Committee The Netherlands: Netherlands Helsinki Committee Romania: Association for the Defence of Human Rights in Romania the Helsinki Committee Russia: Moscow Helsinki Group Serbia: Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia Slovakia: Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Slovakia Spain: Helsinki España - Human Dimension Sweden: Civil Rights Defenders
Civil Rights Defenders
(formerly the Swedish Helsinki Committee) Turkey: Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Ukraine: Ukrainian Helsinki Group

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Human rights
movement active despite fraud scandal, former director says"

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