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patricki is a species of moth of the family Hepialidae, the only member of the genus Heloxycanus. Its common names are ghost moth[1] and sphagnum porina moth.[2] The species is named for its discoverer, entomologist Brian Patrick.[1] It is found in Sphagnum
and other moss bogs in the southern part of the South Island
South Island
of New Zealand.[1] Its life cycle runs in two year cycles with peak numbers of adults occurring in odd-numbered years.[3] References[edit]

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Wd: Q5709951 GBIF: 1828579 iNaturalist: 390368 NCBI: 107004 Plazi: 045F49A3-E9B3-FD66-321A-E65A6A1C6588 ZooBank: 79FB9312-AE97-44E5-BC3C-621AE80EFEEE

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