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Friedman, Friedmann, and Freedman are surnames of German origin, and from the 17th century were also adopted by Ashkenazi Jews. They may refer to:


1 Artists 2 Businesspeople 3 Economists, lawyers and politicians 4 Musicians 5 Philosophers 6 Photographers 7 In religion 8 Scientists and mathematicians 9 Sportspeople 10 In television and film 11 Writers 12 Other 13 Fictional characters 14 See also


Adam Friedman, American singer Arnold Friedman (1874–1946), American painter Drew Friedman (cartoonist) Harold Freedman, artist public murals Jill Freedman (b. 1939), American photographer Ken Friedman, seminal figure in Fluxus Tom Friedman (artist), American sculptor


Eugene Freedman, entrepreneur and philanthropist George Friedman, founder of Stratfor Richard L. Friedman, prominent businessman and real estate developer Stephen Friedman (PFIAB) (born 1937), former chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs

Economists, lawyers and politicians[edit]

Benjamin M. Friedman, American political economist Bernát Friedmann, Hungarian jurist and criminal lawyer Bernie Friedman, attorney in Hollywood, Florida Daniel Friedmann (born 1936), Israeli law professor and former Minister of Justice David D. Friedman (born 1945), American economist, physicist, legal scholar, and libertarian theorist, son of Milton Friedman Don Friedman (Colorado politician) (1930–2013), American politician J. Isaac Friedman (1877–1949), American politician James Friedman, Professor of Law Emeritus at the University of Maine School of Law Lawrence M. Friedman (born 1930), American law professor Leon Friedman (1886–1948), American politician Louis L. Friedman (1906–1997), New York politician and judge Martin Freedman, Canadian lawyer Michel Friedman, German former lawyer Milton Friedman (1912–2006), Nobel Memorial Prize-winning economist Patri Friedman (born 1976), American libertarian activist and theorist of political economy, grandson of Milton Friedman Rose Friedman (1910–2009), economist and law professor, wife of Milton Friedman Samuel Freedman, lawyer, judge, and Chief Justice of the Province of Manitoba Stephen J. Friedman, dean of Pace University School of Law Sylvan Friedman, member of the Louisiana legislature from 1944 to 1972


Avraham Fried, Jewish composer and musical entertainer, also known as Avraham Friedman Benny Friedman, American Hasidic Jewish singer Dean Friedman, singer-songwriter Debbie Friedman, musician Don Friedman (1935–2016), jazz pianist Erick Friedman, violinist Gary William Friedman, composer Harry Freedman, Canadian composer, musician and educator Ignaz Friedman, Polish-Austrian pianist, composer, also known as Ignacy Friedman Kinky Friedman, singer and candidate for the Texas gubernatorial election, 2006 Marc Friedman, electric bassist/multi-instrumentalist and composer Marty Friedman (guitarist), guitarist Matthew Friedman, musician, singer and performer Michael Friedman (1975–2017), composer and lyricist Ross the Boss Friedman, guitarist Tim Freedman, the vocalist and pianist


Egon Friedell, Austrian philosopher, also known as Egon Friedmann Hermann Friedmann (1873-1957), Polish-German philosopher and jurist


Glen E. Friedman, photographer Robert Capa, 20th century war photographer, also known as Endré Ernő Friedmann

In religion[edit]

Alexander Zusia Friedman (1897-1943), Polish rabbi, educator, activist and journalist Avrohom Yaakov Friedman (first Sadigura rebbe) Avrohom Yaakov Friedman (third Sadigura rebbe) Avrohom Yaakov Friedman (fifth Sadigura rebbe) David Noel Freedman, biblical scholar Denes Friedmann, Hungarian writer and Chief Rabbi in Újpest Edwin Friedman, applied family systems theory to congregational leadership Meïr ben Jeremiah Friedmann, Hungarian-Austrian scholar, Jewish theologian Richard Elliott Friedman, scholar of biblical criticism Manis Friedman, biblical scholar, author, counselor and speaker Mordechai Shlomo Friedman (1891-1971), Boyaner Rebbe of New York Mordechai Yitzchok Friedman, Tyrnava (CZ) Rav in New York, heads the Vaad HaRabbonim of America ("American Board of Rabbis") Yisrael Friedman, Pashkaner Rebbe Yisroel Friedman of Ruzhin (1797-1850), founder of the Hasidic dynasty of Ruzhin Yitzchok Friedman (1850-1917), first Rebbe of Boyan

Scientists and mathematicians[edit]

Alexander Friedman, mathematician and cosmologist Avner Friedman, mathematician Daniel P. Friedman, computer scientist and mathematician Elizebeth Smith Friedman, US Army cryptographer Harvey Friedman, mathematical logician Herbert Friedman, rocket science, solar physics, aeronomy, and astronomy Herbert Friedmann (1900–1987), American ornithologist Georges Friedmann (1902-1977), French sociologist Irving Friedman, geochemist Jerome Isaac Friedman, physicist Louis Friedman (born 1941), American astronautics engineer Meyer Friedman, medical scientist Michael Freedman (born 1951), mathematician at Microsoft Research Nat Friedman, programmer Richard A. Friedman, psychiatrist and professor Samuel O. Freedman, clinical immunologist, professor Stanton T. Friedman, physicist and ufologist Sy Friedman, logician William F. Friedman, US Army cryptographer


Andrew Friedman, American, became baseball General Manager of the Tampa Bay Rays at age 28 Benny Friedman (1905-1982), American Hall of Fame NFL football quarterback Birgit Friedmann (born 1960), German runner and 1980 world champion Clara Friedman (born 1920), Israeli chess master Dougie Freedman, Scottish association football manager Gal Fridman, Israeli windsurfer and Olympic gold medalist Lee Freedman, Australian racehorse trainer Lennie Friedman, American NFL football player for the Cleveland Browns Limor Friedman (born 1968), Israeli Olympic gymnast Marty Friedman (basketball), Hall of Fame NBA pro basketball player and coach Nicole Freedman (born 1972), American Olympic cyclist Ross Friedman (soccer), American Major League Soccer player Ze'ev Friedman, Israeli Olympic weightlifter

In television and film[edit]

Budd Friedman, actor and producer David F. Friedman, American filmmaker and producer Josh Friedman, American screenwriter Maria Friedman, musical theatre actress Mike Freedman, American pioneering cameraman Tal Friedman (born 1963), Israeli actor and comedian Vivi Friedman, Finnish filmmaker


Bruce Jay Friedman, novelist, screenwriter and playwright Celia S. Friedman, science fiction novelist David Freedman, playwright and biographer David Friedman, a.k.a. Dafydd ab Hugh, writer Esther Pauline Friedman, advice columnist also known as Ann Landers Frieda Friedman, author Hannah Friedman, writer, director and musician David Gerrold, science fiction author, also known as Jerrold David Friedman Mia Freedman, former Editor of Australian Cosmopolitan magazine and blogger Michael Jan Friedman, author Rita Friedman, creator of The Letter People Samuel G. Freedman, journalist Thomas L. Friedman, columnist


Benjamin H. Freedman (1890-1984), American businessman, Holocaust denier and anti-Zionist Elizebeth Friedman (1892-1980), cryptanalyst and author Friedrich Franz Friedmann, tuberculosis charlatan Henryk Friedman, Polish chess master Hoshea Friedman, brigadier general in the IDF James O. Freedman, fifteenth president of Dartmouth College Jeffrey Friedman (political scientist) Joseph Friedman (1900-1982), inventor Judith Freedman, British solicitor and academic Morris Friedman, private stenographer Paul Freedman, historian Prahlad Friedman, professional poker player Renee Friedman, American Egyptologist Tuviah Friedman, director of the Institute for the Documentation of Nazi War Crimes in Haifa Walter A. Friedman, American academic Yohanan Friedmann, Israeli scholar of Islamic studies

Fictional characters[edit]

Sidney Freedman, psychiatrist in the television series M*A*S*H

See also[edit]

Freedman, a former slave Fried (surname) Fridman

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