Heidi, bienvenida a casa is an Argentine telenovela created and produced by Marcela Citterio for Nickelodeon Latin America.[1] Based on the children's story of Johanna Spyri, Heidi.[2] It stars Chiara Francia as the titular character.[3] The series was previewed digitally on Nick Play and MundoNick.com on March 10, 2017.[4] Its official premiere was the 13 of March 2017.[4]

The series follows the story of "Heidi" a charming girl who lives in the mountains with her grandfather, her best friend and her animals, until her Aunt Dete arrives to take her to live in the city.

On March 3, 2017 Mondo TV confirmed that the series would be renewed for two more seasons.[5]


The first season tells the story of Heidi, an orphaned by father and mother, that is taken by her aunt Dete to the Swiss mountain of Alm to live with her grandfather; this is because Aunt Dete want to follow a job offer presented to her in the city of Frankfurt am Main in Germany. At first, the "Old of the Alps", as it is known in the villages of the vicinity, is not so happy to have to take care of the girl. However, the ineffable tenderness and joy of his granddaughter causes him to gradually change his character, not only with her but with the rest of the people too. Heidi has discovered a charming life in the mountains and doesn't want to leave, befriends a neighboring shepherd named Peter and together they take pleasant walks in the mountains when shepherding the goats. Heidi quickly wins the affection of everyone, including Peter's grandmother, a weak and blind old woman. Unfortunately, a great sadness affects them all the day that her Aunt Dete returns to take Heidi with her, as it ensures a magnificent opportunity for the support and education of Heidi in Frankfurt as long as she keeps the daughter of Mr. Sesemann. In the city, Heidi discovers that Clara Sesemann is a girl who can not walk and that moves in a wheelchair; because of Heidi good heart, soon they become friends. Also in this new home Heidi will have to submit to the strict Ms. Rottenmeier, the governess of Clara. When Heidi finally meets back his grandfather and her friends in the mountains of the Alps, she will receive a visit from Clara and her grandmother and a miracle will be performed which will be a great joy for all.



  • Chiara Francia as Heidi
  • Mercedes Lambre as Emma
  • Victorio D’Alessandro as Toro
  • Mario Guerci as Sesemann
  • Florencia Benitez as Rottenmeier
  • Victoria Ramos as Clara


  • Melisa Garat as Maxine
  • Minerva Casero as Morena
  • Joaquín Ochoa as Lolo
  • Pancho as Pedro
  • Santiago Achaga as Junior
  • Yoyi Francella as Vicky
  • Nicolás Di Pace as Imanol
  • Nicolás Riedel as Boris
  • Paulina Patterson as Sol
  • Sofía Morandi as Abril
  • Tiziano Francia as Diego
  • Sol Estevanez as Rita
  • Daniel Campomenosi as Ulises
  • Mónica Bruni as Dete
  • Fernando Fernández as Abuelito
  • Adriana Salonia as Paulina
  • Pietro Sorba as Pietro
  • Marger Sealey as Sheila

Special participation

  • Santiago Talledo as Clemente
  • Pepe Monje as Gerardo[6]


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