Heather Lauer is the writer of the Bacon Unwrapped blog, started in 2005, and the 2009 book Bacon: A Love Story: A Salty Survey of Everybody's Favorite Meat.

Writing on bacon

Lauer's work celebrates bacon, which she has called trendy.[1] "There’s always been a cult aspect to it, but it really got a foothold about a year ago," Lauer said in January 2009. “The drumbeat grew, more people were paying more attention to the Food Network, and the whole social networking thing grew so people were passing stuff around (on blogs)."[2]

Her Bacon Unwrapped blog features various dishes and gossip about the popular meat. She began the project as a joke, but said, "I started to realize there is something about bacon that gets people incredibly excited, and that was fascinating to me."[3] She completed a cross-country bacon tour of America,[3] and updates her site with the latest in bacon oddities.

Commenting on the impact of the Swine flu she said, "Bacon has been around for thousands of years. It has survived numerous health scares. Anyone who attempts to capitalize on this recent event in an effort to destroy the best meat ever will fail." [4]

Book on bacon

Her book features a tour of country-style bacon outfits and their "time-honored methods and traditions", profiles bacon loving chefs, includes a "Bacon 411" resource section, and has 20 bacon recipes.[5] It also covers the "ins and outs of how bacon finds its way to your skillet and what to do with it when it gets there."[5] She worked on the book when it was called "Bacon Tour of America".[1] The book has been called a "love letter to (Lauer's) favorite breakfast food".[6]

Another review noted that the book "celebrates that deliciously sinful strip of cured pork belly", a food that is experiencing a culinary renaissance, can make almost any dish better and is "the best meat ever". "Popular bacon blogger Heather Lauer explores the ins and outs of how bacon finds its way to your skillet and what to do with it when it gets there".[5] Lauer was interviewed on ABC News NOW about her book and blog in 2009.[7]


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