Heath Hayes and Wimblebury are two former villages which were historically separate, but now merged and a form a civil parish in the Cannock Chase (district), Cannock Chase District of Staffordshire, England. The status of Heath Hayes has consequently changed from a small village to a larger village with a great population.


In the decade to 2011 the number of dwellings rose by 17.4% to 5,515. Of the parish's 5,423 households in the 2011 census, 21.4% were one-person households including 6.3% where that person was 65 or over. 74.6% were one family with no others (4.7% all pensioners, 46.6% married or Civil partnership in the United Kingdom, same-sex civil partnership couples, 14.8% cohabiting couples and 8.6% lone parents). 38.7% of households had dependent children including 2.8% with no adults in employment. 76.7% of households owned their homes outright or with a mortgage or loan. Of the parish's 11,079 residents in the 2011 census aged 16 and over, 31.9% were single (never married), 52.5% married, 0.15% in a registered same-sex civil partnership, 2.4% separated, 8.3% divorced and 4.7% widowed. 19.2% had no formal qualifications and 57.6% had level 2+ qualifications (meaning 5+ GCSEs (grades A*-C) or 1+ GCE Advanced Level, 'A' levels/ AS levels (A-E) or equivalent minimum). 85.0% of the 5,232 men aged 16 to 74 were economically active, including 58.7% working full-time, 4.6% working part-time and 15.2% self-employed. The male Unemployment#Measurement, unemployment rate (of those economically active) was 4.7%. 75.1% of the 5,294 women aged 16 to 74 were economically active, including 37.6% working full-time, 26.8% working part-time and 4.3% self-employed. The female unemployment rate (of those economically active) was 3.7%. Of people in employment aged 16 to 74, 13.8% worked in basic industries (ONS categories A, B, and D-F including 12.1% in construction), 12.8% in manufacturing, and 73.3% in Tertiary sector of the economy, service industries (ONS categories G-U including 18.5% in wholesale and retail trade and vehicle repair, 11.7% in health and social work, 8.6% in education, 6.5% in public administration, 5.6% in transport and storage, 4.0% in accommodation and catering, 4.0% in professional, scientific and technical activities, and 3.8% in administrative and support service activities). Only 10.8% of households did not have access to a car or van, and 85.6% of people in employment travelled to work by car or van. 85.6% of residents described their health as good or very good. The proportion who described themselves as White British was 96.3%, with all white ethnic groups making up 97.4% of the population. The ethnic make-up of the rest of the population was 0.87% mixed/multiple ethnic groups, 0.65% Indian people#Britain, Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi people, Bangladeshi, 0.24% Chinese, 0.31% other Asian people#United Kingdom, Asian, 0.36% Black people#United Kingdom, Black and 0.16% other. 2.5% of the parish's residents were born outside the United Kingdom. The responses to the voluntary question "What is your religion?" were 'Irreligion, No religion' (22.8%), Christian (69.8%), Buddhist (0.22%), Hindu (0.10%), Jewish (0%), Muslim (0.18%), Sikh (0.35%), and other religion (0.35%). 6.1% gave no answer.

Notable people

* Mel Galley (1948 in Cannock – 2008 in Heath Hayes and Wimblebury) an English guitarist and singer, best known for his work with Whitesnake, Trapeze, Finders Keepers and Phenomena.

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