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Heartbreak in Stereo is the first and only studio album by the rock group Pencey Prep. It was released on November 26, 2001, then re-released again by Eyeball Records in early 2004 because new fans could not find the album. Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length

1. "P.S. Don't Write" 2:40

2. "Yesterday" 4:06

3. "Don Quixote" 3:55

4. "10 Rings" 3:46

5. "The Secret Goldfish" 4:39

6. "8th Grade" 4:11

7. "19" 5:59

8. "Trying to Escape the Inevitable" 4:42

9. "Lloyd Dobbler" 2:07

10. "Florida Plates" 5:20

19. "Fat and Alone" (hidden track (tracks 11-18 are blank)) 2:35



Shaun Simon - Keyboards, synthesizers, moog John 'Hambone' McGuire - Bass, vocals Frank Iero - Rhythm guitar, lead guitar, lead vocals Neil Sabatino - Lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals, graphic design Tim Hagevik - Drums, percussion


John Nacliero - Producer, additional vocals (tracks 4 and 5) Dahlia Nardone - Photography Jamie Schaefer - Photography Antonio Valenti - Producer on "Fat and Alone" Alan Douches - Mastering Bruno Rocha - Additional vocals on track 2

Recorded at Nada Studios, Newburgh, NY except Fat and Alone recorded at HinchKraft Studios, Wayne, NJ. Mastered at West West Side.

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