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Heart of the North
Heart of the North
is a 1938 American adventure film directed by Lewis Seiler and written by Lee Katz and Vincent Sherman. The film stars Dick Foran, Gloria Dickson, Gale Page, Allen Jenkins, Patric Knowles, and Janet Chapman. The film was released by Warner Bros.
Warner Bros.
on December 10, 1938.[1][2][3]


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Dick Foran
Dick Foran
as Sergeant Alan Baker Gloria Dickson
Gloria Dickson
as Joyce MacMillan Gale Page
Gale Page
as Elizabeth Spaulding Allen Jenkins
Allen Jenkins
as Corporal Bill Hardsock Patric Knowles
Patric Knowles
as Corporal Jim Montgomery Janet Chapman as Judy Montgomery James Stephenson
James Stephenson
as Inspector Stephen Gore Anthony Averill as Constable Whipple Joe Sawyer as Red Crocker Joe King as Mac Drummond Russell Simpson as Dave MacMillan Arthur Gardner as Constable Larry Young Garry Owen as Tom 'Tommy' Ryan Pedro de Cordoba
Pedro de Cordoba
as Father Claverly Alec Harford as Lunnon Dick Robert Homans
Robert Homans
as Boat Captain Ashman Anderson Lawler as Constable Burgoon Bruce Carruthers as Constable Pedeault


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Heart of the North
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Heart of the North
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