The Info List - Hauptmann

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(Heer / Luftwaffe)


Rank insignia German officer rank

Introduction 19th century

Rank group Commissioned officers

Army / Air Force Hauptmann_

Navy Kapitänleutnant

NATO equivalent OF-2

Army Captain

Navy Captain lieutenant

_HAUPTMANN_ is a German word usually translated as captain when it is used as an officer's rank in the German , Austrian and Swiss armies . While "_haupt_" in contemporary German means "main", it also has the meaning of "head", i.e. _Hauptmann_ literally translates to "head man", which is also the etymological root of "captain" (from Latin _caput_ head). It equates to Captain in the British and US Armies , and is rated OF-2 in NATO

More generally, it can be used to denote the head of any hierarchically structured group of people, often as a compound word. For example, a _Feuerwehrhauptmann_ is the captain of a fire brigade, while the word _Räuberhauptmann_ refers to the leader of a gang of robbers.

Official Austrian/German titles incorporating the word include _ Landeshauptmann _, _Bezirkshauptmann _, _Burghauptmann _ and _Berghauptmann _.

In Saxony during the Weimar Republic , the titles of _Kreishauptmann _ and _Amtshauptmann _ were held by senior civil servants.

The word may cognate with the Swedish Hövitsman , which has the root meaning "Head man" or "the man at the head" and is closely related to the word "hövding," meaning Chieftain
. Since medieval times, both titles have been used for state administrators rather than military personnel. See also Main articles: World War II German Army
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On the shoulder straps (Heer, Luftwaffe) there are three silver pips (stars).


* Hauptmann i.G. (Gen. staff service) * Hauptmann (Mechanized infantry) * Hauptmann d.R. (Mech. infantry reserves)

* Hauptmann (field suit)

junior Rank Oberleutnant German Bundeswehr officer rank HAUPTMANN senior Rank Major