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Hassan Adan Wadadid was a
Somali Somali refers to an East African tribe (ethnic group) native to Somalia Somalia,; ar, الصومال, aṣ-Ṣūmāl officially the Federal Republic of Somalia, is a country in the Horn of Africa. It is bordered by Ethiopia to the west, D ...

politician and diplomat. He was the
Somali Republic The Somali Republic ( so, Jamhuuriyadda Soomaaliyeed, it, Repubblica Somala, ar, الجمهورية الصومالية ) was the name of a sovereign state composing of Somalia Somalia,; ar, الصومال, aṣ-Ṣūmāl officially the ...
ambassador to
Saudi Arabia (''Shahada The ''Shahada'' ( ar, ٱلشَّهَادَةُ ' , "the testimony"), also spelled Shahadah, is an Islamic oath, one of the Five Pillars of Islam and part of the Adhan. It reads: "I bear witness that none deserves worship e ...

Saudi Arabia
Pakistan Pakistan, . Pronounced variably in English as , , , and . officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a country in South Asia South Asia is the southern region of Asia, which is defined in both geography, geographical and culture, e ...

during the 60s. He was one of the founders of the
Somali National Movement The Somali National Movement ( so, Dhaqdhaqaaqa Wadaniga Soomaaliyeed, ar, الحركة الوطنية الصومالية) was one of the first and most important organized guerilla groups opposed to the Siad Barre regime in the 1980s to the 1990 ...
and served as the movement's first Vice-Chairman. Hassan belonged to the
Rer Ainanshe The Rer Ainanche ( so, Reer Caynaanshe) are a royal Somali clan and the traditional rulers of the Habr Yunis. They divide into 17 major sub-clans that together form the Baha Ainanshe and Rer Sugulle, from the latter descend the rulers of the Habr Yu ...
sub-division of the
Habr Yunis The Habar Yoonis ( so, Habar Yoonis, ar, هبر يونس) (Full Name: ''Siciid Ismacil (Garxajis) Sheikh Ishaaq ibn Ahmed'') is a major Somali clan and is a sub-division of the Garhajis subclan of the Isaaq clan family. Members of this clan ar ...
Garhajis clan.


Hassan was dually accredited to serve as Somalia's ambassador of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan during the 60s. After the 1969 coup, like many of the countries diplomats and politicians, he was given a lengthy prison sentence by the MilitaryJunta that took over the country after the assassination of Abdirashid Shermarke. After being released he migrated to Riyadh Saudi Arabia where he and other prominent Isaaq diplomats, politicians and intellectuals would have clandestine meetings with the objective of over throwing the Siad Barre regime. This group came to be known as the Saudi group and would later on have correspondences with a London based group of similar aims. In early January of 1981 Hassan led a delegation of the saudi group to London that included Abdisalam Yasin, Ahmed Ismail Abdi ‘Duksi’ and Mohamed Hashi Elmi. After many meetings the two groups would merge to form the Somali National movement. Hassan was the official spokesman of the newly formed group and on 6 April of 1981 he announced the launching of the SNM. Hassan would go on to serve as the first vice-chairman of the SNM. After the SNM's successful overthrowing of the Barre regime and the establishment of the republic of Somaliland in 1991, Hassan was among the selected cabinet of Ministers of the Tuur government. As the Minister of rebuilding and re-settlement of Somaliland, Hassan was tasked with co-ordinating the return of thousands of refugees who had fled to neighboring countries and to facilitate the rebuilding of the country's infrastructure that was looted and destroyed by Barre's troops during the course of the civil war.Dharaaraa Ina Soo Maray, Boobe Yuusuf. pp.413

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