Hangleton is a neighbourhood in west Hove, East Sussex. The estate was developed in the 1930s[1] after the Dyke railway was closed.

Within the neighbourhood boundaries lies the oldest building in the city of Brighton and Hove, the 11th century St Helen's Church. Hangleton Manor, Hove's oldest secular building, dates to the 15th century and is now known as Hangleton Manor Inn.[2]

The wider area surrounding and including Hangleton is commonly referred to as Hangleton and Knoll, with The Knoll being a neighbouring estate. Various community initiatives serve both Hangleton and Knoll, although each has its own identity.

Brighton and Hove Council's Urban Characterisation has identified Hangleton and Knoll as two separate neighbourhoods, and gives a history of the growth of these areas as part of the character.[3]

The area is affectionately known by many people in Brighton and Hove as "The Hantons", in reference to The Hamptons in New York.[citation needed]

Coordinates: 50°51′N 0°12′W / 50.850°N 0.200°W / 50.850; -0.200


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