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Gracie Hall Roosevelt (June 28, 1891 – September 25, 1941) was the youngest brother of First Lady of the United States
First Lady of the United States
Eleanor Roosevelt and a nephew of President Theodore Roosevelt. He was usually called Hall.


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Early life and education[edit] G. Hall Roosevelt was born on June 28, 1891 to Elliott Bulloch Roosevelt and Anna Rebecca Hall. His uncle was Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. and his grandmother was Martha Bulloch. Through his sister Eleanor, Franklin Delano Roosevelt was his brother-in-law, and through his father, his fifth cousin once removed. He was also the uncle of Elliott Roosevelt. He was named Gracie for his father's aunt, Anna Bulloch and her husband James Gracie, and Hall for his mother's family. When Hall was one year old, his mother died, and his father died shortly after his third birthday. He and Eleanor were then reared by their grandmother at her estate in Tivoli, New York. Before his death, Eleanor's father had implored her to act as a mother towards her toddler brother, and it was a request she made good upon for the rest of Hall's life. While at Tivoli, Eleanor doted on Hall, and when he enrolled at Groton in 1907, Eleanor accompanied him as a chaperone. While he was attending Groton, she wrote her brother almost daily, but always felt a touch of guilt that Hall had not had a fuller childhood. She took pleasure in Hall's brilliant performance at school, and was proud of his many academic accomplishments, which included a master's degree in engineering from Harvard.[1] Career[edit] Hall was tapped by for service in the municipal government of Detroit by mayor (and future Supreme Court justice) Frank Murphy. Hall was named chairman of a mayoral committee on unemployment, and in January 1931 he was appointed city comptroller.[2] Personal life[edit] At twenty-one years old, Hall married Margaret Richardson (1892–1971), a young woman he met at school, and together they had three children:

Henry Parish Roosevelt (1915–1946) Daniel Stewart Roosevelt (1917–1939) Eleanor Roosevelt
Eleanor Roosevelt

When Hall wanted to seek a divorce in 1925, it was only with Eleanor's approval that he followed through with his decision. In the late 1920s, Hall married again and found work in the railroad industry. Hall had three children from his second marriage to Dorothy Kemp (1898–1985):

Amelia "Amy" Roosevelt (1925–1992), who married John A. F. Wendt (1921–2002), the brother of E. Allan Wendt, in 1958.[3][4] Diana Roosevelt (1927–1998), who married Agar Jaicks (1923–2016) in 1949.[5] Their daughter, Lisa Jaicks, married Peter Gabel.[6] Janet Roosevelt (born 1930)

In 1937 Hall sought a divorce from his second wife. By this point alcoholism, a problem he shared with his father, had come to dominate Hall's existence, and he was unable to hold down any job he was offered.[1] He spent the last few years of his life in a small building on the Hyde Park estate, and he died in September 1941 at age 50. Roosevelt's funeral was held in the White House
White House
and his body was then transported to Tivoli, New York
Tivoli, New York
where he was entombed in the Hall family vault in the St. Paul's Episcopal Churchyard. Eleanor Roosevelt would survive her brother by 21 years. See also[edit]

Roosevelt family

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Eleanor Roosevelt
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