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Half Angel
Half Angel
is a 1951 Technicolor
comedy directed by Richard Sale, starring Loretta Young, Joseph Cotten, and Cecil Kellaway. Nora Gilpin (Young), a prim and proper nurse, is engaged to the stuffy Tim (John Ridgely). Unknown to both, Nora is a sleepwalker; during her nocturnal forays, the less-inhibited side of her personality takes over.[2]


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Plot[edit] No-nonsense nurse Nora Gilpin (Young) does not care much for John Raymond Jr. (Cotten), a famous, rich lawyer. Her immediate plans are to marry Tim McCarey (Ridgely), a building contractor, and settle down to a nice, normal life. That night, a sleepwalking Nora slips into a provocative dress and goes to the home of a startled John, behaving seductively. She does not reveal her name and he cannot figure out where they have met. They spend several hours together, but she then gets away before John notices. John spots her on the street one day and excitedly brings up their evening together, but Nora has no idea what he is talking about and is greatly embarrassed, because this happens in front of Tim. She tells John he has misidentified her, and they rush away, leaving John confused. Later, as John is leaving by train on a business trip, Nora pops up again, playfully enticing him and then cavorting with him for hours at an amusement park, until the wee hours of the morning. Dr. Jackson (Basil Ruysdael) is consulted about sleepwalking and thinks Nora's behavior must stem from something in her past. John realizes that he knew her many years ago as the gardener's daughter, but Nora adamantly denies it, continuing to prepare for her wedding day. She packs a suitcase for her honeymoon, but that night, while John waits outside, sure enough, Nora appears again. He rushes her to a justice of the peace and they are married. She wakes up the next morning (with John in the adjoining bed) in a motel. Surprised, embarrassed, and unnerved, she hurries to her wedding (with Tim), only to have John interrupt the ceremony by claiming she is already married. Nora faints, but comes to and finally realizes whom she truly loves. Cast[edit]

Loretta Young
Loretta Young
as Nora Gilpin Joseph Cotten
Joseph Cotten
as John Raymond Jr. Cecil Kellaway
Cecil Kellaway
as Harry Gilpin Basil Ruysdael as Dr. Jackson Jim Backus
Jim Backus
as Michael 'Mike' Hogan Irene Ryan
Irene Ryan
as Nurse Kay John Ridgely as Timothy 'Tim' McCarey


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