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Mohammad Mohaqiq
Mohammad Mohaqiq
(Dari: محمد محقق‎/Pashto: محمد محقق‎) is a politician in Afghanistan, serving as a member of the Afghan Parliament. He is also the founder and chairman of the People's Islamic Unity Party of Afghanistan. During the 1980s, he served with the mujahideen rebel forces fighting against the Soviet-backed Afghan government. After the withdrawal of the Soviet Union in 1989, Mohaqiq was appointed as the leader of the Hezb-e Wahdat for northern Afghanistan.


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Early years[edit] Mohaqiq was born in 1955 and hails from Mazar-e-Sharif
in Balkh Province. He is an ethnic Hazara, the son of Sarwar. He holds a bachelor's degree in Islamic studies from Iran. Mohaqiq speaks Persian, Uzbek and Arabic. He has been involved in Mujahideen activities after the April 1978 Saur Revolution. Political career[edit] During the Afghan civil war in the early 1990s, he was regarded as a prominent leader fighting for his Hazara people. In the late 1990s, Mohaqiq joined the Northern Alliance
Northern Alliance
(United Front) in their resistance and struggle against the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). After the fall of the Taliban, he was appointed as the Vice President and the Minister of Planning in the interim government of Hamid Karzai. Mohaqiq ran as a candidate in the 2004 Afghan presidential election. He came in third place with 11.7% of the votes after Hamid Karzai
Hamid Karzai
and Yunus Qanuni.[1] A January 2009 article by Ahmad Majidyar of the American Enterprise Institute included Mohaqiq on a list of fifteen possible candidates in the 2009 Afghan presidential election.[1] In the end, however, Mohaqiq opted to support President Karzai against his main challenger Abdullah Abdullah in the election. In 2010, Mohaqiq stopped supporting President Karzai because of Karzai's policy of appeasement towards the Taliban
insurgents.[2] In late 2011, Mohaqiq, Ahmad Zia Massoud
Ahmad Zia Massoud
and Abdul Rashid Dostum
Abdul Rashid Dostum
created the National Front of Afghanistan
(also Afghanistan
National Front, ANF).[3] References[edit]

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