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Haitian Canadians are Canadian citizens of Haitian descent or Haiti-born people who reside in Canada. Citizens from the Francophone Caribbean island nation of Haiti began immigrating to Canada in the 1960s, settling predominantly in Montreal and other parts of Quebec. Though their reasons for leaving Haiti were manifold, their choice to settle in Quebec is mainly due to their fluency in French. The Canada 2011 Census showed a total population of 137,995 Haitian-Canadians residing in Canada,[1] an increase of 35,565 respondents who identified themselves as Haitian Canadians compared with the Canada 2006 Census, which showed a total population of 102,430 respondents.[2] Of this total, 119,185 (97%) resided in Quebec.[3]


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Number of Haitian nationals granted permanent residence in Canada by year[4]

Year Number of Haitian nationals admitted Total number of permanent residents admitted Proportion of permanent residents admitted

2002 2,217 229,048 7000100000000000000♠1%

2003 1,945 221,349 6999900000000000000♠0.9%

2004 1,657 235,823 6999700000000000000♠0.7%

2005 1,719 262,242 6999700000000000000♠0.7%

2006 1,650 251,640 6999700000000000000♠0.7%

2007 1,614 236,753 6999700000000000000♠0.7%

2008 2,509 247,246 7000100000000000000♠1%

2009 2,085 252,174 6999800000000000000♠0.8%

2010 4,552 280,691 7000160000000000000♠1.6%

2011 6,208 248,748 7000250000000000000♠2.5%

List of notable Haitian Canadians[edit] Artists[edit]

Marie-Denise Douyon - painter, graphic artist Leonel Jules - painter Guerdy J. Préval - painter


Jennifer Abel - Olympic swimmer Joachim Alcine - professional boxer Wyn Belotte - professional soccer player Patrice Bernier - professional soccer player Maxime Boisclair - professional Canadian hockey player Francis Bouillon - defenceman for the Montreal Canadiens Félix Brillant - professional soccer player Dayana Cadeau - Haitian-born Canadian American professional bodybuilder Marc Calixte - professional soccer player Obed Cétoute - professional Canadian Football League player Gilles Colon - former professional Canadian Football League player Antoine Craan - professional soccer player Samuel Dalembert - professional basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks Anthony Duclair - professional hockey player[5] Edrick Floréal - Olympic long and triple jumper Raymond Fontaine - professional Canadian Football League player Maxime Fortunus - professional ice hockey player Jems Geffrard - professional soccer player Jean-Luc Grand-Pierre - professional hockey player Ronald Hilaire - former CFL defensive lineman; current head coach of McGill Redmen Schiller Hyppolite - professional boxer Yves Jabouin - mixed martial arts fighter Dierry Jean - professional boxer Osvaldo Jeanty - professional basketball player Loudia Laarman - sprinter Georges Laraque - former professional hockey player David Loiseau - mixed martial arts fighter, the first Haitian-Canadian to fight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship Elkana Mayard - professional soccer player Josué Mayard - professional soccer player Pierre-Rudolph Mayard - professional soccer player Olivier Occéan - professional soccer player Jean Pascal - professional boxer Jimmy-Shammar Sanon - professional soccer player Adonis Stevenson - professional boxer, current WBC Light Heavyweight Champion Bermane Stiverne - professional boxer Bruny Surin - Olympian gold medal winning sprinter Claude Vilgrain - professional hockey player


Ralph Gilles - automobile designer (Chrysler 300) Jean-Ernest Pierre - owner of CJWI radio station in Montreal, Quebec


Benz Antoine - actor Bad News Brown - musician Jephté Bastien - film director Fabienne Colas - actress, director and producer and head of the Fabienne Colas Foundation Anthony Kavanagh - comedian Panou - actor Quddus - MTV veejay Isabelle Racicot - television and radio host Ronald Selmour - actor, renaissance man


Marie-Célie Agnant - author and poet Georges Anglade - Geographer and writer Paul Arcelin - writer Gérard Étienne - writer Gary Klang - poet and novelist Dany Laferrière - novelist Nadine Magloire - writer Émile Ollivier, writer


Marc Antoine - singer Athésia - singer-songwriter Carmen Brouard - pianist, composer and music educator Régine Chassagne - musician with group Arcade Fire Pierre Gage - singer-songwriter Roi Heenok - rapper Imposs - rapper DL Incognito - rapper Kaytranada - electronic musician, producer and DJ Yvon Krevé - hip hop artist Mélissa Laveaux - musician Marie-Josée Lord - opera soprano Luck Mervil - Quebec-based rock singer Muzion - rap group Édouard Woolley - tenor, actor, composer, and music educator


Jean Alfred - former MNA for Hull Dominique Anglade - MNA for Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne Vivian Barbot - former MP for Papineau in Montreal Frantz Benjamin - Montreal city councillor for Saint-Michel Ulrick Chérubin - former mayor of Amos, Quebec Emmanuel Dubourg - MP for Bourassa, former MNA of Viau in Montreal Michaëlle Jean - journalist and Canada's first black Governor General Firmin Monestime - mayor of Mattawa, Ontario and the first elected black mayor in Canada

See also[edit]

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The Haitian Community in Canada Multicultural Canada: Haitians Haitian Consulate General in Montreal Montreal International Haitian Film Festival Quebec Government Portal: Relations with Haiti Article on Haitian immigration to Quebec

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