Al Habbaniyah or Habbaniya (Arabic: الحبانية‎) is a city in Al-Anbar Province, in central Iraq. A military airfield, RAF Habbaniya, was the site of a battle in 1941, during World War II. Lake Habbaniyah is also nearby.


On 25 May 1941, Second Battalion of the Fourth Gurkha Rifles (2/4 GR), forming part of 10 Indian Infantry Division, was airlifted to reinforce and secure Habbaniyah, which was a Royal Air Force airfield under threat from Iraqi ground troops and the German Luftwaffe, located in Mosul, and Baghdad.[1] It has 74,217 citizens.

Assyrians from Suldoz and Urmia, Iran, settled to the city in the early 20th century after the Assyrian genocide.