Habar Yoonis
هبر يونس‎
Regions with significant populations
Somali and Arabic
Related ethnic groups
Habar Jeclo, Habar Awal and other Isaaq clans

The Habar Yoonis (Arabic: هبر يونس‎) are a Somalilander clan, part of the larger Isaaq clan family. Members of this clan are concentrated in the northwestern Somaliland, autonomous and self declare independent region, officially recognized as part of Somalia. Habar Yoonis is part of the 4 principal clans of the Isaaq clan.[1] Two (Habar Yoonis and Eidagale) of the four principal Isaaq clans are part of the Garhajis confederation, the largest and most widespread of the Isaaq clan. The Habar Yoonis is considered the biggest tribe within the borders of Somaliland.[2][3]