Hainan HNA Infrastructure Investment Group Co., Ltd. formerly Hainan Island Construction Co., Ltd. is a Chinese listed company based in Haikou. in mid-2016 the company acquired HNA Infrastructure Group () in a reverse IPO from intermediate parent company HNA Infrastructure Holding Group (), which HNA Infrastructure Group is the parent company of HNA Real Estate and HNA Airport Group (, in turn HNA Airport Group is the parent company of HNA Airport Holdings (Group) () and HNA Airport Holdings is the parent company of Sanya Phoenix International Airport Co., Ltd.); HNA Airport Group is the largest shareholder of Haikou Meilan International Airport (19.58% as at October 2016), which in turn the largest shareholder of Hong Kong listed company HNA Infrastructure. In December 2016 a proposed capital increase of the HK-listed company was announced. HNA Infrastructure Investment Group would purchase a minority share directly. Haikou Meilan International Airport was the second-largest shareholder of Hainan Airlines; Hainan Airlines, however, also owned a minority stake in Haikou Meilan International Airport. The registered office was located in Meilan District, but the general office was located in West Zone 21/F, HNA Building on 7 Guoxing Avenue.


HNA Infrastructure Investment Group

The predecessor of HNA Infrastructure Investment Group was incorporated on 12 May 1993 as The First Investment and Merchant (). In 2002 it became a listed company in Shanghai Stock Exchange. In 2008 the company was renamed to Hainan Zhuxin Investment () and again in 2011 to Hainan Island Construction (). In 2009 a subsidiary of HNA Group () formed a new intermediate holding company with the largest () and second largest shareholder () of the listed company, making HNA Group was the indirect largest shareholder for 23.59% shares (69.7225 million in number). In 2012 another subsidiary of HNA Group () acquired a significant stake (30.09%) of the company, by acquiring 127,214,170 number of new shares for each; the ex-largest shareholder still owned 9.40% shares at that time as the second largest, making HNA Group owned 39.49% combined indirectly. In December 2013, the 75% stake of the intermediate parent company: Hainan International Tourism Island was transferred to another direct subsidiary of HNA Group: HNA Infrastructure Group () as share capital for (the minority shareholder retained 25% stake); on 31 August 2015 the shares of Hainan Island Construction were transferred to another subsidiary of HNA Group: HNA Industrial Group () for , but paid by 100% stake of a subsidiary of HNA Industrial Group (); The listed company was renamed to Hainan HNA Infrastructure Investment Group Co., Ltd. in late 2015; in July 2016 HNA Infrastructure Investment Group reverse takeover HNA Infrastructure Group was completed. On 2 November 2016 HNA Industrial Group acquired 1 million number of shares from the public market, making HNA Industrial Group owned 60.84% shares directly and indirectly. In 2014 Hainan Island Construction issued a 5-year bond with 8.5% p.a. yield (, ) for , which was guaranteed by HNA Airport Holdings.

HNA Infrastructure Group

HNA Infrastructure Group () was incorporated on 24 November 2011 as a first tier subsidiary of HNA Group. In 2012 sister company HNA Capital subscribed the capital increase for ; in the same year HNA Airport Group was absorbed as a subsidiary of HNA Infrastructure Group. In 2013 Tianjin Trust subscribed the capital increase for , as well as Bohai Trust for ; in the same year another sister company Hainan International Tourism Island () was absorbed as subsidiary, making HNA Infrastructure Group was the indirect largest shareholder of listed company Hainan Island Construction. In 2015, the minority stake of HNA Infrastructure Group were acquired by sister company HNA Industrial Group () from HNA Capital, Tianjin Trust and Bohai Trust for , and respectively. On 31 August 2015, HNA Group sold the remain 81.03% stake of HNA Infrastructure Group to its subsidiary HNA Industrial Group for ; on the same day the 30.09% shares of the listed company Hainan Island Construction were also transferred from HNA Infrastructure Group to HNA Industrial Group, making both HNA Infrastructure Group and Hainan Island Construction were second-tier subsidiary of HNA Group and first-tier subsidiary of HNA Industrial Group. However, in the same year the entire share capital of HNA Infrastructure Group were transferred to another sister company Hainan HNA Infrastructure Holding (; later renamed to HNA Infrastructure Holding Group ()). In July 2016, a reverse takeover of HNA Infrastructure Group by listed company HNA Infrastructure Investment Group (formerly Hainan Island Construction) was completed. In 2015 HNA Infrastructure Group issued a 7-year bond with 7.5% p.a yield for (, ), which would be used in the construction of Nanhai Pearl Artificial Island.

HNA Airport Group

HNA Airport Holdings

Sanya Phoenix International Airport


* HNA Infrastructure Group (100%) ** HNA Airport Group (86.48%) *** Weifang Nanyuan Airport (100%) *** Manzhouli Airport Asset Management (67.00%) *** Tangshan Sannühe Airport Management (67.00%) *** Yingkou Airport (60.00%) *** Anqing Tianzhushan Airport (100%) *** HNA Airport Holdings (50.20%) ****Sanya Phoenix International Airport (72.49%) ****Yichang Sanxia Airport (90.00%) ****Manzhouli Xijiao Airport (67.00%) ** Hainan International Tourism Island Development and Construction Group (100%)

Associate companies

* Haikou Meilan International Airport Co., Ltd. (19.58% via HNA Airport Group; additional stake held by another subsidiary of HNA Group) ** HNA Infrastructure (50.19%) ** Hainan Airlines (7.08%, additional stake held by HNA Group and related company Grand China Air)


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