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Myrillium Clem. (1931) Tripedotrichum G.F.Orr & Kuehn (1964)

Gymnoascus is a genus of fungi within the Gymnoascaceae family.[1] The genus, widely distributed in northern temperate areas, contains eight species.[2] External links[edit]

Gymnoascus in Index Fungorum


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Taxon identifiers

Wd: Q5624501 EoL: 16513 EPPO: 1GMNSG Fungorum: 2168 GBIF: 2595799 iNaturalist: 328014 IRMNG: 1307423 MycoBank: 2168 NZOR: 93500275-b316-4add-ae5e-5e8afc01703d WoRMS: 100173

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