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Pseudoarachniotus Kuehn (1957)

Gymnascella is a genus of fungi in the family Gymnoascaceae. It was described by American mycologist Charles Horton Peck in 1884 with Gymnascella aurantiaca as the type species.[2] Species[edit]

Gymnascella aurantiaca Gymnascella calcarea Gymnascella citrina Gymnascella confluens Gymnascella dankaliensis Gymnascella devroeyi Gymnascella hyalinospora Gymnascella kamyschkoi Gymnascella marismortui[3] Gymnascella nodulosa


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Wd: Q5624184 EoL: 16867 Fungorum: 2164 GBIF: 2595821 IRMNG: 1380286 MycoBank: 2164 NZOR: 8691e442-cf79-4587-95f6-b7e1d438f67b WoRMS: 438300

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