Guy Vidra is currently a Partner at Collaborative Fund, and venture capital firm seeking to support founders making the world a better place. Previously, he was the Head of Revenue for XO Group. Prior, for 19 months (October 2014 to April 2016), he was Chief Executive Officer of ''The New Republic''. Before that, for three years, he was the General Manager of Yahoo! News, where, in his own words, he had "direct responsibility for the management of the world's largest news site." He was also the head of Strategy & Development at Yahoo News. Vidra's appointment to The New Republic in October 2014 was soon followed in December by the replacement of Editor Franklin Foer with Gabriel Snyder (previously of Gawker) and the announcement that the magazine—for decades a small-circulation journal of politics and culture—was to be reinvented as a vertically integrated digital-media company. These changes provoked tumult within the publication. The magazine’s literary editor, Leon Wieseltier; executive editors Rachel Morris and Greg Veis; nine of the magazine’s eleven active senior writers; the legal-affairs editor; the digital-media editor; six culture writers and editors and thirty-six out of thirty-eight contributing editors, resigned or asked to have their names removed from the magazine’s masthead. In all, two-thirds of the names on the editorial masthead were removed.


Vidra holds a BA in Political Science from University of Michigan and a Masters in International Relations from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.


Vidra is currently the Head of Revenue for XO Group. He was previously Chief Executive Officer of The New Republic. Prior to that he was the General Manager of Yahoo News.


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