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The Gulf of Tadjoura
(Arabic: خليج تدجورا‎), (Somali: Badda Tajuura) is a gulf or basin of the Indian Ocean
Indian Ocean
in the Horn of Africa. It lies south of the straits of Bab-el-Mandeb, or the entrance to the Red Sea, at 11°42′N 43°00′E / 11.7°N 43.0°E / 11.7; 43.0. The gulf has many fishing grounds, extensive coral reefs, and abundant pearl oysters. Most of its coastline is the territory of Djibouti, except for a short stretch on the southern shore, which is part of the territory of Somalia. The Gulf other marine habitats include sea grass beds, salt pans and mangroves.


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History[edit] In August 1840, the conclusion of a treaty of friendship and commerce between the Sultan Mohammed bin Mohammed of Tadjoura
and Commander Robert Moresby
Robert Moresby
of the Indian Navy is tracking the sale of Moucha Island to Great Britain
Great Britain
for ten sacks of rice. The sale will however follow any occupation. In 1887, Britain cedes sovereignty of the island to France
at the same time it recognizes the French sphere of influence in the Gulf of Tadjoura, in exchange for the abandonment by France
of any right in Zeila
and the neighboring islands. Geography[edit] The area of the gulf is 347 km2 (900 sq mi). The length (from the Sagallo
to Obock) is 64 km (40 mi) and the width varies from 26 km (16 mi).The gulf is relatively shallow with the depth decreasing from the entrance to the gulf to the continent. The coast is mostly sloping; there are abundant sandy dunes, with occasional palm trees.The southern shores are smooth and shallow. At the entrance of the Gulf is the group of small islands of Moucha and Maskali. At the bottom of the Gulf, separated only by a narrow neck of land, Ghoubbet-el-Kharab
and Assal (54 km ²). Geologically, formerly covered the Gulf to Lake Assal, which is now about 155 meters below sea level Limits[edit] The limits of the Gulf of Tadjoura
as follows:

On the East – The western limit of the Gulf of Aden
Gulf of Aden
(A line joining Obock
and Lawyacado).

On the West – The meridian of Ghoubbet-el-Kharab.

Islands[edit] The Gulf of Tadjoura
is home to many small islands. Geographically the biggest island in the Gulf of Tadjoura
is Moucha Island. The Gulf of Tadjoura
islands are often also historically significant, having been used in the past by colonial powers such as the French and the British in their trade or as acquisitions for their empires. Wildlife[edit] The wildlife of the Gulf of Tadjoura
is diverse, and entirely unique due to the gulf's geographic distribution. The Gulf of Tadjoura
has hosted some of the most magnificent marine fauna and flora, some of which are near extinction or at serious environmental risk. From corals, to dugongs, Gulf of Tadjoura
is a diverse cradle for many species who depend on each other for survival. Population[edit] The Gulf of Tadjoura
is far more densely populated on the Djiboutian shore.The most significant towns and cities along both the Djiboutian and Somali sides of the Gulf of Tadjoura Djibouti[edit]

City: 529,000 Tadjoura: 45,000 Obock: 21,000 Loyada: 1,367 Sagallo: 719


Lawyacado: 1,650


Khor Ambado and the Gulf Of Tadjoura

The Gulf of Tadjoura
is one of the major tourist attractions for Djibouti, believed to be a perfect place for snorkelling with whale sharks, diving and underwater photography. There are two important towns on the gulf: Obock, where Afar and Somali sultans had sold settlement rights to the French, and Tadjoura, which houses seven important mosques and offers magnificent views from the sea. Tadjoura
is beautifully surrounded by the green Goda Mountains. The hills of this mountain are 1700 meters. Due to coral reefs, the Gulf of Tadjoura
is a heaven for divers and snorkelers. It attracts 40% of foreign tourists visiting Djibouti. Economy[edit] Passenger transport on the gulf includes a number of ferry lines which connect the following ports: Djibouti
City, Tadjoura
and Obock. References[edit]

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