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The Coptic Catholic Eparchy of Giza
is an Eastern Catholic
Eastern Catholic
diocese in Giza. It is one of the suffragan sees comprising the sole ecclesiastical province (covering all Egypt) of the Coptic Catholic Patriarch of Alexandria, the head of the Coptic Catholic Church, a Particular church
Particular church
sui iuris (Alexandrian Rite). Its episcopal see is Saint-George
cathedral in Giza, which is part of the national capital Cairo's metropolitan area.


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Statistics[edit] As per 2014, it pastorally served 5,940 Coptic Catholics in 9 parishes with 13 priests (12 diocesan, 1 religious), 70 lay religious (22 brothers, 48 sisters) and 4 seminarians. History[edit] Established on 2003.03.21 as Eparchy ( Eastern Catholic
Eastern Catholic
Diocese) of Giza(–Fayoum–Beni Souef) / Gizen(sis) (Latin adjective), on territory split off from the Coptic Catholic Patriarchate of Alexandria's proper diocese, as its suffragan. Episcopal ordinaries[edit] (all Coptic Alexandrian Rite)

Eparchs (Bishops) of Giza

Andraos Salama (2003.03.21 – 2005.12.06), Titular Bishop
Titular Bishop
of Barca (1988.11.01 – 2003.03.21) as Auxiliary Bishop
Auxiliary Bishop
of the Patriarchate Alexandria of the Copts (Egypt) (1988.11.01 – death 1997) Antonios Aziz Mina (2006.01.03 – retired 2017.01.23), previously Titular Bishop
Titular Bishop
of Mareotes
(2002.12.21 – 2006.01.03) as Bishop of Curia of the Copts ([2002.12.19] 2002.12.21 – 2006.01.03) Apostolic Administrator
Apostolic Administrator
Ibrahim Isaac Sedrak (2017.01.23 – ...), while Patriarch of Alexandria of the Copts (Egypt) ([2013.01.15] 2013.01.18 – ...), also President of Synod of the Catholic Coptic Church (2013.01.15 – ...) and President of Assembly of the Catholic Hierarchy of Egypt
(2013.01.15 – ...); previously Eparch (Bishop) of Minya of the Copts (Egypt) ([2002.09.29] 2002.10.05 – 2013.01.15).

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Eastern Catholic
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