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Guillaume Cerutti (born March 20, 1966 in La Ciotat, France) is a business executive, formerly a senior civil servant. He is currently Chief Executive Officer of Christie's. Early life[edit] Guillaume Cerutti was born on March 20, 1966 in La Ciotat
La Ciotat
near Marseille
in France.[1][2] He graduated from Sciences Po
Sciences Po
and then from the Ecole Nationale d'Administration
Ecole Nationale d'Administration
(1991).[3] Career[edit] Cerutti began his career as a civil servant in thethe internal audit service of the French Ministry for the Economy and Finance.[1] In March 1996 he was appointed Managing Director of the Centre Georges Pompidou, a position he occupied for five years.[1][4] From 2002 to 2004 he served as Chief of Staff to Jean-Jacques Aillagon, French Minister for Culture and the Media.[5] In this role he was directly responsible for preparing the law of August 1, 2003, that made the French legal regime relating to sponsorship and private foundations into one of the most attractive in Europe.[citation needed] From 2004 to 2007, Cerutti was head of the Directorate for Competition and Consumer Protection (DGCCRF) at the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance.[4] In this capacity, he also held the position of Vice-President of the International Competition Network (ICN), which brings together the leaders of the world's competition authorities.[citation needed] In September 2007, Cerutti joined Sotheby's, the international auction house, as CEO of Sotheby's
France.[1] In September 2011, he was appointed deputy chairman of Sotheby's
Europe,[4] with responsibilities extended to cover France, Benelux, Monaco and Italy. During his tenure, Sotheby's
became a leader on the French art market, in particular thanks to several prestigious French art collections sold in Paris, London, or New York.[citation needed] In July 2015, Cerutti left Sotheby's
to join Christie's, as president for Europe, Middle East, Russia and India (EMERI). In December 2016, he has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of Christie's, with effect from the 1st of January 2017.[6] Cerutti is the author of numerous reports and articles, and of a book dedicated to cultural policies, La politique culturelle, un enjeu du XXIème siècle.[7] References[edit]

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