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The GUERNSEY FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION, also simply known as the Guernsey FA or the GFA, is the body that co-ordinates and organises the sport of football in Guernsey
. Although, as a Crown Dependency
Crown Dependency
, Guernsey is not a part of the United Kingdom
United Kingdom
, the local FA is affiliated with the English FA , and acts as a County Football Association .


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The organisation runs the Guernsey
national football team (which competes in the Muratti Vase and the Island Games ), the Guernsey league representative XI (which competes in the FA National League System Cup ) and the Priaulx League , the main league competition on the island.

The representative XI won the National League Cup in 2010 and qualified for the UEFA Regions Cup , where they were eliminated in the group stages in Macedonia. Following this run, the GFA proposed to establish a club which would join the English Football Pyramid in an attempt to offer the island’s senior elite players the opportunity to progress further and test themselves at a higher level. In 2011 Guernsey
F.C. was created.

The Guernsey
FA is based at The Corbet Field (home of Member Club Vale Recreation F.C.
Vale Recreation F.C.
), in Saint Sampson, Guernsey

Chris Schofield was appointed Chairman in 2010 and replaced Mark Le Tissier who left to set up Guernsey

In March 2012, former Oxford United FC trainee, Angus Mackay, was appointed as the football development officer.



* Priaulx League * Jackson League * Railway (Veterans) League * Under 18 Development League * Under 16 Development League * Under 14 Development League * Women's League


* Guernsey
FA Cup * Stranger Charity Cup ( Priaulx League teams) * Mauger Cup ( Jackson League teams) * Rouget Cup (Railway League teams) * Old Vic Cup (Under 18 Development League) * Loveridge Cup (Under 18 Development League) * Normandie Cup (Under 16 Development League teams) * Duquemin Cup (Under 16 Development League teams) * MJ Le Prevost Cup (Under 14 Development League teams) * Le Vallee Cup * Women's Knock-out Cup * Women's Secondary Cup * Frederick Martinez Cup (for top two Priaulx League sides from the previous season) * Rawlinson Cup


* The FA
The FA
* Muratti * Guernsey
national football team


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