''Griffith Review'' is a quarterly publication featuring essays, reportage, memoir, fiction, poetry and artwork from established and emerging writers and artists. Each edition focuses on a contemporary theme, enabling pertinent issues to be aired and discussed in a public forum. The publication was founded in 2003. It was founded and developed by Griffith University in Australia, and initially published by ABC Books.Cica, Natasha (2003)
"Griffith Review: Insecurity in the New World Order"
, ''The Sydney Morning Herald'', 24 October 2003.
In 2009, Text Publishing became the ''Review's'' publishing partner and distributor. Therefore, the magazine has bases in both Brisbane and Melbourne.


* 2007 Victorian Premier's Literary Award - Alfred Deakin Prize for an Essay Advancing Public Debate was awarded to Frank Moorhouse fo
"The Writer in a time of terror"
published i
''Griffith Review 14: The Trouble With Paradise''
* 2007 Walkley Award for Excellence in Journalism ** Finalist for the Magazine Feature Writing category - Margaret Simons for her essa
"Buried in the labyrinth"
published i
''Griffith Review 16: Unintended Consequences''
** Winner for the Social Equity Journalism category - Frank Moorhouse for "The writer in a time of terror" * 2013 Walkley Award for Excellence in Journalism ** Winner for the Coverage of Indigenous Affairs category - Kathy Marks for her reportage piec
"Channelling Mannalargenna"
published i
''Griffith Review 39: Tasmania – The Tipping Point?''
** Winner for the Long Feature Writing category - Melissa Lucashenko for her reportage piec
"Sinking below sight"
published i
''Griffith Review 41: Now We Are Ten''
*2014 Human Rights Awards - journalist and editor Peter Mares was shortlisted for the Print and Online Award for his piec
"Refuge without work"
published i
''Griffith Review 45: The Way We Work''

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