Gregorio II Boncompagni


Gregorio II Boncompagni (7 July 1642 – 1 January 1707) was an Italian nobleman and the 5th
Duke of Sora The Duchy of Sora was a semi-independent state in Italy, created in 1443 by King Alfonso I of Naples and dissolved in 1796. It occupied the south-eastern part of what is today Lazio Lazio (, ; ; la, Latium, ) is one of the 20 Regions of Ital ...
. He was the grand-nephew of
Pope Gregory XIII Pope Gregory XIII ( la, Gregorius XIII; 7 January 1502 – 10 April 1585), born Ugo Boncompagni, was head of the Catholic Church The Catholic Church, also known as the Roman Catholic Church, is the largest Christian church, with 1.3&nb ...

Pope Gregory XIII
He married Giustina Gallio (29 October 1644 – 21 July 1679) and then, when she died, he married
Ippolita Ludovisi Olimpia Ippolita I Ludovisi (December 24, 1663 – December 29, 1733) was the Principality of Piombino, Princess of Piombino from 1701 until her death in 1733. Life She was born in Cagliari, the youngest daughter of Niccolò I Ludovisi, prince of ...
on 19 October 1681. The ''Boncompagni-Ludovisi'' union lasted until the
French Revolution The French Revolution ( ) was a period of radical political and societal change in France France (), officially the French Republic (french: link=no, République française), is a spanning and in the and the , and s. Its ...

French Revolution
and included the development of the ''Archivio Boncompagni-Ludovisi'' held by The Vatican.The Vatican Archives:
Archivio Boncompagni-Ludovisi Gregorio and Ippolita had six children: * Hugo (1684–1686) died young * Maria Eleonora (1686–1745), Princess of Piombino, married Antonio Boncompagni * Constance (1687–1768), married Vincenzo Giustiniani, Prince of Bassano * Maria Teresa (1692–1744), married
Urbano Barberini Urbano Barberini Riario Sforza Colonna di Sciarra (born 18 September 1961), best known as Urbano Barberini or sometimes Urbano Barberini Sforza, is an Italian actor. He is also a translator, theater producer A theatrical producer is a person wh ...
, Prince of Palestrina * Giulia (1695–1751), married Marco Ottoboni, Duke of Fiano * Anna Maria (1696–1752), married Gian Vincenzo Salviati, Duke of Giuliano


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