The Info List - Great Basin Divide

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The Great Basin
Great Basin
Divide is the western continental divide that separates the Great Basin
Great Basin
from the Pacific Ocean
Pacific Ocean
watershed. The water divide is the perimeter of the largest set of contiguous endorheic watersheds of North America, including six entire USGS
watershed subregions.[2] For example, the San Joaquin River
San Joaquin River
subregion that drains to the Pacific is adjacent to the Great Basin's Mono-Northern Mojave subregion and central Lahontan subregion, and their triple point is on the Great Basin
Great Basin
Divide. References[edit]

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Great Basin
Great Basin

Bear River

Upper Bear River Lower Bear River

Great Salt Lake

Weber River Jordan River Great Salt Lake Desert


Escalante Desert Sevier River

Black Rock-Humboldt

Humboldt River Black Rock Desert

Central Lahontan

Truckee River Carson River Walker River

Central Nevada desert Oregon closed basins Tulare-Buena Vista

Kern River Tule River Tulare Lake

North Lahontan Northern Mojave-Mono Lake

Mono Lake Owens Lake Amargosa River Mojave River

Southern Mojave-Salton Sea

Salton Sea Southern Mojave Desert

Baja California & other California

Laguna Salada Goose Lake Lost River