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Gran (name)


Gran, the historical German name for Esztergom, a city and the primatial metropolitan see of Hungary Gran, Norway Gran (island), Sweden

Spanish language[edit] In Spanish Gran means "Great" or "Greater", and may refer to:

Gran Canaria, an island of the Canary Islands, Spain Gran Colombia. a modern name for a former South American country called Colombia Gran Sabana, a natural region in Venezuela Gran Chaco, a South American lowland natural region Gran Asunción
Gran Asunción
(Greater Asunción), Paraguay Gran Chimú Province, a province of La Libertad Region of Peru Gran Torre Santiago, a skyscraper in Santiago, Chile Big Brother (franchise), called " Gran Hermano" in Hispanic countries La Gran Cruzada, a professional Mexican wrestling event Gran Campo Nevado, a small ice field in Chile Gran Pajatén, an archaeological site located in the Andean cloud forests of Peru


Widely used, predominantly British, abbreviation for grandmother Gran (TV series)
Gran (TV series)
children's animation from the early 80's Gran plot, a graphing technique in analytical chemistry developed by Gustav Gran Ruth "Gran" Sims, a character in the Australian mockumentary series Angry Boys Gran (Star Wars), a fictional alien species in the Star Wars franchise

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Gran Turismo (other) Gran Via (other)

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