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GORNAYA SHORIA, MOUNTAINOUS SHORIA, or MOUNTAIN SHORIA (Russian : Горная Шория, Gornaya Shoriya, Shor : Тағлығ Шор, Tağlığ Şor) is a territory in southern Siberia
, Russia
, east of the Altay Mountains . It is the southern part of Kemerovo Oblast
Kemerovo Oblast
. The indigenous population are the Shors people.

The territory is mountainous: spurs of Abakan Range , Salair Ridge and Kuznetsk Alatau . It is rich in ores , and it is also part of the Kuznetsk Coal Basin . Other industries include logging , fur hunting and pine nut harvesting.


* Gornaya Shoria megaliths

Coordinates : 52°50′18″N 87°56′14″E / 52.83833°N 87.93722°E / 52.83833; 87.93722

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* GND : 7534981-4

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