Gregory Goodman (Group CEO)

Anthony Rozic (Deputy CEO)
Nick Vrondas (Group CFO)
Nick Kurtis (Group Head of Equities) Revenue Increase A$1,182,800,000 (2013/14)[1]
Net income
Increase A$601,100,000 (2013/14)[1] Total assets Increase A$9,403,900,000 at 2014-06-30[1] Total equity Increase A$6,230,400,000 at 2014-06-30 [1]
Number of employees
1,080 (September 2014)[2] Website www.goodman.com

Goodman Limited is an Australian integrated commercial and industrial property group that owns, develops and manages real estate. This includes warehouses, large scale logistics facilities, business and office parks globally.

The organisation was founded in 1989 as a private property trust focused on industrial properties, listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in 1995 as Goodman Hardie Industrial Property Trust with eight properties valued at A$75 million. In 2000 the trust merged with Macquarie Industrial Trust and was renamed Macquarie Goodman Industrial Trust.[3]

The organisation changed its name to Macquarie Goodman Group in 2005 following a series of acquisitions and mergers, which made it the largest industrial property group in the ASX All Ordinaries Index.[4]

In July 2007, the organisation was renamed to its present name, after Macquarie Bank sold its 7.7% interest almost a year earlier.[5] Goodman is now one of the largest providers of industrial property and business space in the world, following the expansion of its operations into Europe, Asia and the Americas through a series of acquisitions and organic growth.[6][7]

As of September 2014, the Group had 432 properties under management in 16 countries and 69 active developments underway.[2][8] It had market capitalisation of A$8.7 billion.[1]

Between 2007 and 2014, Goodman's earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) averaged $138m. It is split into three divisions: property portfolio, development and funds management. [9]

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