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"GLORIA AL BRAVO PUEBLO" (Glory to the Brave People) was adopted as Venezuela 's national anthem by President Antonio Guzmán Blanco on May 25, 1881. The lyrics were written by the physician and journalist Vicente Salias in 1810. The music was later composed by musician Juan José Landaeta. It is said, however, that the melody has been known since 1840 as La Marsellesa Venezolana (Venezuelan Marseillaise), in reference to its subtle similarity to the French national anthem .

Some recent investigations have suggested that the real author of the anthem was Andrés Bello , and not Salias, to whom it was originally credited, and the music was composed by another musician called Lino Gallardo . However, this theory has yet to be proven, and lacks any real recognition among the general Venezuelan population, historians, or otherwise.


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SPANISH — CORO — Gloria al bravo pueblo que el yugo lanzó, la Ley respetando la virtud y honor. (repeat all) — I — ¡Abajo cadenas! (2x) Gritaba el señor; (2x) y el pobre en su choza libertad pidió. A este santo nombre tembló de pavor el vil egoísmo que otra vez triunfó. (repeat last four lines) (repeat last two lines) (CORO) — II — Gritemos con brío (2x) ¡Muera la opresión! (2x) Compatriotas fieles, la fuerza es la unión; y desde el empíreo, el Supremo Autor un sublime aliento al pueblo infundió. (repeat last four lines) (repeat last two lines) (CORO) — III — Unida con lazos (2x) que el cielo formó, (2x) la América toda existe en nación; y si el despotismo levanta la voz seguid el ejemplo que Caracas dio. (repeat last four lines) (repeat last two lines) (CORO)

ENGLISH — CHORUS — Glory to the brave people who shook off the yoke, The law respecting, virtue and honour. (repeat all) — I — “Down with chains!” (2x) The man yelled; (2x) And the poor man in his hovel For Freedom implored. Upon this holy name Trembled in great dread The vile selfishness That had once prevailed. (repeat last four lines) (repeat last two lines) (CHORUS) — II — Let’s scream out aloud: (2x) "Death to oppression!" (2x) Oh, loyal countrymen: Strength is in unity; And from the Empyrean The Supreme Author A sublime spirit To the people blew. (repeat last four lines) (repeat last two lines) (CHORUS) — III — United by bonds (2x) That Heaven has formed, (2x) The entire America Exists as a Nation; And if ever despotism Raises again its voice, Then follow the example That Caracas gave. (repeat last four lines) (repeat last two lines) (CHORUS)


The Venezuelan national anthem is played every day on radio and television broadcasts at 6:00 am, 12:00 am and 12:00 pm (either the full version or the chorus, first stanza and chorus) on all national TV networks. On radio broadcasts, the state anthem is played after the national anthem, which is also the case in state TV stations.

In most occasions, only the chorus, first stanza and the chorus are played or even the chorus itself. Sometimes the chorus is played twice in the beginning, and once in the rest of the anthem. In formal events (if the anthem will be played by either a military band , concert band or orchestra ) the format is: Chorus (2x), First verse and Chorus (2x), with the optional introduction. If played in full the chorus is sung twice, with or without the introductiory notes.


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